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    Life Insurance (Apply Now)

    Life insurance comes in many forms. The two most common are Term Life and Whole Life. Simply put, term life means exactly what it sounds like. It covers only a certain term or number of years. Whole life, like term, sounds like exactly what it is. Whole life covers your entire life and also builds a cash value.

    Term life is used for things like covering the expenses of a mortgage or outstanding loans in the event of an unforeseen death. Term life insurance is generally less expensive than whole life, and frequently carries higher death benefits and is easier to qualify for.

    Whole life insurance is meant for individuals who want to protect their family from unforeseen expenses in the event of their death. Whole life policies currently are based on people living to age 100, but very soon will be changing to a basis of living to 120 years of age. Whole life also builds a cash value, and most policies have provisions that allow you to borrow against that cash value.

    Though term and whole life policies differ greatly, one of our agents can find either type of policy that may work for you. Contact us for a free consultation and free quotes. The best way to determine your best choice, is to have many options laid out for you. We can do just that.

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    Auto / Home / Commercial (Apply Now)

    Property/casualty insurance is insurance on homes, cars, and businesses. Technically, property insurance protects a person or business with an interest in physical property against its loss or the loss of its income-producing abilities. Casualty insurance mainly protects a person or business against legal liability for losses caused by injury to other people or damage to the property of others.

    Health / Medical (Apply Now)

    Assurant Health – Your Information

    Assurant Health – Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

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    What is Health Insurance?
    Health insurance is a type of insurance policy that pays a portion of medical expenses. For instance, if you need to visit a doctor, have surgery, purchase prescription drugs or get medical tests (like x-rays), health insurance will pay a portion of the expenses incurred. The portion of expenses paid varies by policy.

    Vaccines, check-ups, routine physical exams—each is important to maintaining health. But those without health insurance are less likely to receive potentially life-saving preventive care.

    What Does Health Insurance Cover?
    A standard health insurance policy covers:

    Health insurance won’t cover 100 percent of medical costs, though. Patients are responsible for
    small fees—co-payments—when visiting medical providers or purchasing prescription drugs.

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